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Being far away from

A 30 minutes group work with Folkwang Tanzstudio

Premier: Jun. 2017 Neue Aula, Folkwang University of Arts, Essen

In the darkness I see nothing, but the darkness makes you visible.

Darkness is peaceful, darkness is fear.

Nightmare is terrible for sleep, nightmare is interesting for life, nightmare is terrible but interesting for me.

Being far away from home makes you insecure, being far away from home sets you free.

I want what I don’t have, I’m bored of what I have.

You would not understand what I said! But you didn’t say anything!

I don’t want to see you, but I miss you.

I like comfortable life, but comfortable life makes me bored.


Chih-I Wu

Eva Pageix

Uwe Brauns

Chih-Ming Yu

Nejma Larichi

Simon Wolant

Ying Yun Chen

Maria Giovanna Delle Donne 
Music: Lim Giong - The Assassin
Light design: Viktor Schmidt
Costume and Stage: Anne Bentgens

Photo credit: Shan Gao