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iCh un

A solo based on a therapeutic hypnosis session

"iCh un" is a solo created by Chun Zhang, the name is a word combing “ich” and her first name Chun. Based on a therapeutic hypnosis session that she experience to treat her chronic chest pain: being guided to trace back to the origin of this symptom, she was asked to imagine sitting face to face to herself, "see" herself growing smaller and smaller, younger and younger, "experience" every moment in the memories that she had this pain in the chest, until she finally realize, she is "in" her mother's womb again: that was the origin of this pain, when she couldn't breath before the birth, that she had some fore-waters stuck in her lung. This incredible really and surreal journey, when she had a conversation with her self, a trip tracing back and "live" once more her many memories, especially the image in the womb, had a great impact on her, and was interpreted through this solo work.

Creation: Chun Zhang
Music: Meehan/Parkins Duos
Premier: 20.01.2019
Chun Zhang Dance Arts